Jul 14, 2017

Viruses Called Bacteriophages Affect Bacteria in Mammal Gut Environment and May Cause Human Diseases, a Study from Human Microbiology Institute Reveals.

NEW YORK, NY, July 12, 2017 — Viruses called bacteriophages affect bacteria that populate mammal gut environment and may cause human diseases, according to the Human Microbiology Institute (HMI). The revolutionary findings were revealed today during an oral presentation at the largest European microbiologist gathering, FEMS-2017 in Spain.

Jun 01, 2017

Bacteriophages are Potential New Human Pathogens

Human Microbiology Institute Research the First to Demonstrate that Bacteriophages Can Alter Gut Microbiome Causing Increased Gut Permeability, Which is Associated with Human Diseases Research Presented in an Oral Session at American Society for Microbiology (ASM) Microbe 2017

Oct 08, 2016

NEW YORKSept. 23, 2016 – Alzheimer’s, cancer and other incurable diseases such as Parkinson’s and dementia can be contagious, according to researchers at the Human Microbiology Institute, who have published research linking the diseases to newly discovered bacterial viruses.

In a recent article published in Gut Pathogens, HMI researchers George and Victor Tetz said they have linked the diseases to bacteriophages.